Affectation looks lower than temporary. Year-over-year consumer price indicator numbers for June 2022 hit9.1, shocking economists and Wall Street,

who were awaiting an8.8 increase at most. Gasoline prices continue to run grandly across the country, with the price per gallon hitting further than$ 7 in some areas.

Food costs, in particular the price of dairy and meat, continue to soar, with further and further families reporting tighter grocery budgets.

That being said, it's not all doom- and- dusk for your investment portfolio.

Some companies stand to profit, or at least suffer less, from inflationary conditions.

For illustration, energy stocks can profit from soaring commodity prices.

Consumer masses stocks can maintain their perimeters by raising prices and passing costs onto guests.

Health care stocks profit from evergreen demand due to the essential nature of their products and services.

Then's a list of nine affectation- resistant stocks that also pay tips.