In the garden where King Viserys went on a blind date with a child on Sunday, a couple of centuries from now,

Cersei Lannister will tell the soon-to-be-splooshed Oberyn Martell one of the saddest things anyone has ever heard.

Little girls are harmed all across the world, she declared.

This week's episode of "House of the Dragon" proved these words to be true.

No matter if the girl is a wealthy 12- or 15-year-old being sold to a middle-aged man to elevate her father's status,

 a scorned woman who has been sold so many times she has forgotten her origins, 

or an actual princess being marginalised in her own home by a father who won't even ask if it's okay for him to marry her best friend... It'll be painful.

Another princess, whose own hopes and dreams were crushed by men in the distant past, 

may coolly refer to everything as "the order of things." But that doesn't make the agony go away. The main theme of this season, at least,

appears destined to be determined by Rhaenyra and others' level of compliance with these unfair customs.