Scientists from many countries are researching the possibility of life on other planets like Earth. The existence of aliens is also being researched.

Attempts have been made to contact aliens for many years, but without success.

Currently, researchers have developed a mathematical model to predict that aliens may have communicated with each other with the help of quantum physics.

Researchers have shown the possibility that aliens may have communicated in space with the help of quantum physics.

According to the report, quantum networks are fragile and sensitive, but such networks can operate unhindered in space.

Researchers Arjun Barrera and Jaime Calderon Figueroa from the University of Edinburgh calculated the speed of X-rays in space to investigate a possible anomaly. The scientists' research study has been published in Physical Review D.

According to the researchers, the particles of light i.e. photons can be transmitted thousands of light-years away.

If they are to be used as quantum particles. There will be no interruption in this. Even the force of gravity in space cannot affect it.

Aliens can use quantum networks to communicate with each other.