Clearly a spot on the Buccaneers and a Super Bowl ring isn't sufficient to make Antonio Brown ponder what he says regarding Tom Brady.

In opposition to the veneer that he is setting up, it seems like Antonio Brown is truly struggling.

A silly rap profession is a certain something, however pursuing Tom Brady and the Buccaneers is an odd move for a person that owes such a huge amount to the quarterback.

Brady made every effort to expand Brown's profession in the NFL. The GOAT even went similar to letting Brown live in his home.

Tom Brady showed only help to a player that he really appeared to think often about, and the final product was restricted beyond that one supernatural season.

Brown quit on the Bucs when they frantically required a veteran to move forward. Stomach muscle then caused a media firestorm for quite a long time as everybody attempted to sort out what it was that the Bucs did that made him respond in such a manner.

Earthy colored contrasting his treatment with Brady's is practically entertaining. One is the best player throughout the entire existence of the game.

One more was a lock for the Hall of Fame before his persona made him tumble off the precipice. They actually aren't in a similar classification.

Brady has never done the things that Brown does. Brady has never been that degree of interruption by the same token.

The Buccaneers had some awareness of Brady's nonappearance quite a bit early. They didn't realize that Antonio Brown planned to stop in his group in the game.