The NBA lost a one-of-a-kind legend when Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics passed away.

His passing was monumental, heartbreaking, and led to a lot of reflection on the career, life, and journey of Russell.

There were many people calling on the NBA to do something major to honor the man who did so much for basketball.

That is exactly what the league has done.

Moving forward, no new players will wear his number as a way to pay respect to Russell and forever keep his legacy untarnished and unrivaled.

This is a huge decision by the NBA, one that has never been made before.

Some people said that 6 should be retired due to the career that Russell had.

In his 13 years within the NBA, he won 11 championship rings, which is a feat that no one else has topped since then.

When you look at the current league and how competitive and crowded it is, it would take a miracle for anyone to even come close to that accomplishment.

But there were other people who said that Russell’s number should have been retired for reasons beyond his success in the league.