For the first time since Bills rookie punter Matt Araiza was charged on Thursday in a civil lawsuit with participating in the gang rape of a juvenile at an off-campus party at San Diego State University in 2021,

 Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott commented on Friday.

Araiza will travel home with the team, but McDermott did not say if he thought Araiza would stick around after Tuesday's final roster cuts.

As McDermott opened his postgame news conference, he said, "I recognise that there was just a game played,

but I want to talk about something that's more significant, which is what we have going on with one of our players of our team right now,

the Matt Araiza problem that is really severe." "It's just difficult to go through and a really severe circumstance that neither I nor we take lightly. 

I am aware of the delicate nature of the circumstance, and I am certain that we will continue to try to solve this problem."

An announcement was also made earlier on Friday by Araiza.

In a statement obtained by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, 

Araiza said that "the facts of the incident are not what they are depicted in the complaint or in the press." I'm eager to correct the record as soon as possible.