Britney Spears wasn't originally planning to tie the knot in her stunning backyard ceremony!

The singer just revealed that she actually wanted to host her ceremony at a Catholic church — but they turned her down.

In a now-erased post on Instagram, Britney shared a photograph of St. Monica Catholic Church in Los Angeles, making sense of that it was where she longed for saying her commitments.

"This is where I initially needed to get hitched during COVID!!!!" Britney subtitled the picture, where a couple should have been visible at the special stepped area.

She added that she really needed to go to the "lovely" church "each Sunday," however "they said it was briefly closed down because of COVID."

"Then 2 years some other time when I needed to get hitched there they said I must be catholic and go through TEST!!!!" Britney, who was raised Southern Baptist, composed.

In an inquiry to her supporters, she inquired, "Isn't church expected to be available to all 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️⛪️ ????"

While Britney makes a valid statement, it is usually expected for a most un-one accomplice to be a submersed Catholic Christian to be hitched in the congregation.

Luckily, Britney appears to have adored her wedding in spite of not getting to utilize the congregation, as of late spouting the occasion was the "BEST PARTY EVER !!!"