The guarding Super Bowl champion Rams opened the preseason against the Chargers on Saturday night at SoFi Stadium. Here are perceptions from the Rams' 29-22 triumph:

Perkins finished 10 of 17 passes for 133 yards and two scores, and he scrambled for 39 yards and a score in eight conveys.

He showed his running skill and sturdiness when he broke four handles on a scramble for a first down.

It was great beginning for a player making a bid for a beginning of-season program spot for the second season in succession.

Atwell, a second-year ace attempting to put a disheartening tenderfoot season behind him, was the discussion of Rams instructional course.

He made noteworthy gets essentially every exercise and acquired acclaim from mentor Sean McVay, who said Atwell would play during preseason games.

Yet, the 5-foot-9, 165-pound Atwell never left the sideline against the Chargers.

"He's worked effectively all through camp," McVay said. "He will play a part with this group,

and we would have rather not put him at mischief's gamble. He will be a piece of what we're doing this year."

Atwell and second-year genius Ben Skowronek will be relied on the off chance that beginning collector Van Jefferson doesn't recuperate from knee medical procedure in time for the Sept. 8 opener against the Buffalo Bills.