Brad Pitt's film Bullet Train is not for the faint-hearted. Every character's hands are stained with blood.

Hollywood's famous actor Brad Pitt is returning to the big screen after a long time. Brad Pitt's film Bullet Train has been released.

This Brad Pitt film is full of both action and thriller. Since the name of the film is Bullet Train, it is natural that the story of the film will also be woven around the train itself.

The director of this film is David Leach. Who was the first action director. If an action director makes a film, then the full sun of action will be visible in the film.

Talking about the story of the film, it is a crime story, which you would have never thought about before. All the characters of Bullet Train have blood on their hands, that is, they are killers.

A man who forgets his past and moves on in search of peace. This man is a killer when he works for hire. Whose name is Ladybug (Brad Pitt).

Ladybug's job is to steal the briefcase on the train from Tokyo to Kyoto. Ladybug has to steal the bag and get down at the next station. This is not an easy task at all.

By reaching the other end, the story gets a little difficult to understand. Because there are many other killers in this train from Tokyo to Kyoto, who have their own story. However, why are these killers present in the train and why does the ladybug steal the bag, you have to watch the movie.

You will get to see a lot of action in the film. Brad Pitt will entertain you with action. Talking about the story of the film, it is not as sharp as it seems.

Let us tell you that Brad Pitt's advice regarding the selection of characters has also been kept in mind. The story of the film has been conceived by both Brad Pitt and director David Leach.