California Wildfire: 80 houses destroyed in fire in America's forests, thousands of people were forced to leave their home

Many people's homes have been destroyed due to the fire in America. This is the worst fire in California's forests this year.

Due to this power cut of more than 2000 houses and industries had to be done.

The California Department of Forest and Fire Protection said on Monday that more than 2,500 firefighters were working to control a fire that raged in the forests near Yosemit National Park since Friday.

The help of planes is also being taken in this. So far, trees and plants of an area of 27 km have been destroyed by burning.

55 houses were gutted in this area. On the other hand, fire has also broken out in the forests near a suburb of the city of Dallas, Texas.

A wildfire near Yosemit National Park in California took a formidable form on Saturday

Due to which thousands of people had to be ordered to leave their homes and go to safer places.

Kim Zagaris, advisor to the Western Fire Chiefs Association, said: 'Air quality has been terrible across the country.

According to the report, the temperature has increased to 43 degree Celsius in many areas.