All of the rumours are being dispelled by Olivia Wilde. The actress and filmmaker addressed all rumours about her next movie Don't Worry Darling in a recent interview with Variety.

There have been recent rumours that the major characters in her movie are being treated differently since Harry Styles allegedly makes three times as much as Florence Pugh does in the movie.

With the words "There has been a lot out there that I basically don't pay attention to," Wilde quickly shot down all of these rumours.

But what truly offended me was the silliness of contrived content and the response over a fictitious wage gap between our star and supporting performers.

It's crazy that the rumour is true. Those assertions have no foundation at all, according to ET Canada.

At the same time, Wilde dispelled a different rumour that had been making the rounds on the Internet and highlighted the tension between the cast and the director, 

claiming that Pugh had an issue with Wilde and Styles' strong personal ties. The bubble of the production, according to Wilde, "brought us all so close.

She added, "She was actually a terrific supporter of his as someone who was more inexperienced on a film set.

He was a huge fan of hers and acknowledged that it was her film.