Since the start of training camp, Feleipe Franks has been a player that every supporter of the Atlanta Falcons has been keeping an eye on.

 He is surrounded by a lot of mystery due of his physical characteristics and athletic prowess.

The fact that he is labelled as a "QB" on the Falcons roster is causing some folks to get stuck, but you shouldn't, and we'll explain why.

Feleipe Franks was played as a tight end by the Falcons during their first preseason game, but as a quarterback during their second game. 

He had serious passing issues, which worried many fans. There is, however, no cause for concern.

Let's start by discussing the layout of the quarterback room for the Falcons. Both Marcus Mariota, who will start the first game of the season, and youngster Desmond Ridder, who may be the team's quarterback of the future, will serve as backups.

The third quarterback mentioned after that is Franks, but it is a touch deceptive.

He did play quarterback in college, and during his first two seasons in the NFL, that position has been listed for him. Against the Jets, he took over for Desmond Ridder in the second half. 

Everything suggests that the Falcons intend to use him as their starting quarterback, and if you saw him toss the ball, you'll notice that he appeared to be struggling. 

The Falcons recognise his arm talent, but if that were all they saw in him, he would not currently be on the roster. They see a youngster who has a powerful arm, is big and swift, and most importantly, can play several different positions.