The underlying COVID episode assumes a part in "Sprung"

as both a story component and the raison d'etre for the Amazon Freevee parody debuting Aug. 19.

"This one was a pandemic creation," said series star Garret Dillahunt, who's likewise a chief maker on "Sprung,

which reunites him with his "Raising Hope" co-star Martha Plimpton and that show's maker, Greg Garcia ("My Name Is Earl," "Indeed, Dear," "The Guest Book").

"It was in 2020 and I thought, 'When did I last have a fabulous time on a series?' And it was on 'Raising Hope.' So I called Greg and said, 'We should follow through with something.

' I didn't have any idea what, yet I knew the sort of fellow I needed to be [in the show] so he had very little to go on," he said. 

"He presumably had this thought for some time and sort of fiddled with it to make it fit into what I was searching for and [to fit] the times.

"So that is the best move a maker can make — have a companion who's a superior maker."

Dillahunt ("Fear the Walking Dead," "Where the Crawdads Sing," "The Mindy Project") plays Jack, who's carrying out a 24-year punishment in jail for a medication offense. 

He and his fellow prisoner, Rooster (Phillip Garcia), are among the peaceful detainees liberated when the pandemic first hits — and, alongside individual detainee Gloria (Shakira Barrera), they move in with Rooster's wild-youngster mother, Barb (Plimpton) and, at last, choose to involve their crook foundations for everyone's benefit.