One of the smaller carriers in the US, Google Fi is one of the greatest options for people who dislike long-term commitments.

The fact that Google Fi functions in several other nations sets it apart from other MVNOs in the US.

As a result of the carrier's recent announcement that it has quadrupled its global 5G network coverage by including 26 additional nations on the list of supported coverage areas

Google Fi's roaming service has now gotten even better.

Customers who have a compatible Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone and are on the Flexible or Unlimited Plus plans will be able to use 5G speeds in at least 39 different countries.

Another first for Google Fi is the inclusion of Samsung devices on the compatibility list, since the carrier previously only offered the service to users who owned Pixel phones.

The improvements announced this week won't effect you unless you possess one of the compatible 5G phones

so keep in mind that regardless of whether you use a Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone, you will still enjoy 4G service with Wi-Fi in over 200 countries.

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