Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes contributed vocals to the film's opening credits in her mother's feature film debut. Read on for more information.

Given that she is the daughter of two of Hollywood's most well-known figures, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise has been one star child who has attracted a lot of media attention from the start.

Katie Holmes has made every effort to protect her daughter's privacy throughout the years

However, Suri has been captured in a number of paparazzi photos that have over the years demonstrated how much she resembles her mother.

The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruises recently made her acting debut, though not in the way you may expect.  

In the recently released movie Alone Together, which was written and directed by Katie and also included Holmes herself

Suri made her on-screen singing debut in instead of acting. Suri, 16, sang a cover of Blue Moon for the movie, and it can be heard throughout the opening credits. 

Working with her kid was undoubtedly a wonderful experience for Katie, and the Dawson's Creek alum discussed this in an interview with Fox News.

She disclosed that she had been supportive of her daughter's career "I'm always looking for the best talent.