The actress Ivory Aquino, who was chosen to play Batgirl, is still optimistic about the DC superhero. After learning that Warner Bros.

Discovery planned to hold private screenings of the shelved film for members of the cast and crew as well as representatives and executives,

 the actress posted a letter to studio CEO David Zaslav pleading with him to reconsider the studio's alleged plan to permanently destroy the film's footage.

In her message, Aquino appealed with Zaslav to "consider releasing Batgirl" rather than disparaging the film following the purported "funeral screenings.

" She portrayed Alysia Yeoh, the first notable trans character to show up in a DC film.

The actress shared her difficult week in a series of tweets, writing, "Even though I've tried my hardest to be strong over the past few weeks,

I've still found myself sobbing out of grief on occasion, and tonight was one of those occasions. 

Despite the fact that Batgirl has been called a "woke" movie, the writing simply reflected the reality we live in, "per ET.

"I've found myself unable to talk about this situation with anyone," she explained, adding, "I realised that no one, aside from those involved with the film, would completely comprehend what we're feeling.

 And I fear that discussing it with my castmates will be like pouring salt in a raw sore.