The previous boss, 34, has not battled since July 2021 in the wake of breaking his leg in a loss to Dustin Poirier.

However, he has prepared hard in the rec center to recuperate from his physical issue and recently talked about getting back to the Octagon.

Nonetheless, on Thursday McGregor tweeted: "Mma, I will always remember you! Simple work.."

There has been blended response to the assertion in with some censuring The Notorious.

One MMA fan said: "Who cares, Never safeguarded a belt and wouldn't beat the main 6 in the LW division or even Volka at FW, irrelavent in MMA."

One more added: "'Easy work' is grandiose talk for someone who hasn't won a battle since Obama could say "I'm the leader of the US" beyond Old-Man Cerrone."

Others upheld the choice and wished McGregor well for the future, saying thanks to him for the amusement he gave.

One Twitter client expressed: "The best to at any point make it happen! Barring Nobody! Expected to be number one on everyone list! How about we find out what happens when he does not exist anymore… … .

Much thanks to You Sir For All The Memories and all the motivation! I'm Team Mac through and through."

Another fan said: "He ought to genuinely resign. He's now achieved all that he would be able and he doesn't have to battle any longer."