Did Johnny Depp target ex-wife Amber Heard with his song? Mention of the word 'dog'

Amber Heard has said a lot about her ex-husband Johnny Depp till now but till now Johnny did not give her any youth outside the court but it is being said that Johnny targeted Amber with his song. Is.

The whole world saw the controversy that started over the divorce between Hollywood's famous actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Both also made many revelations about each other in front of the world, a lot of high voltage drama between the two was seen in the courtroom.

Eventually the court gave its verdict after hearing both of them. Let us tell you that Johnny Depp has won in this battle of the court.

Actor Johnny Depp has written two songs for his upcoming album with musician Jeff Beck. This album is going to be released on Friday.

The album also featured music videos for a cover of 'The Velvet Underground Venus in Furs', 'The Original by Johnny This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamar' and a cover of 'John Lennon'.

The album of the remaining 13 songs will be released on July 15. where is it going

Johnny and Amber married in February 2015 and filed for divorce in May 2016.