the 21-year-old girl of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, is cutting her own way in media outlets with the arrival of her presentation single, "Neurosis Silverlining."

The track, which dropped on Wednesday (Aug. 10) and elements JO, finds the growing star's lively and mature vocals considering over a smooth drumbeat.

"The tune is about the possibility that occasionally your greatest apprehensions are a figment of your imagination.

 I think a many individuals get distrustful, and the silver lining, all things considered, is that nothing remains to be jumpy about,

" Lola tells Billboard of the track. "It was a very restorative cycle.

I think everybody came to a lot of acknowledge while composing it [laughs] in light of the fact that all of us are suspicious."

With respect to why she's presently prepared to openly deliver music interestingly, the NYU music understudy makes sense of,

"I've generally adored music and I've generally cherished singing.

I figure a ton of craftsmen would comprehend that finding your sound is a truly troublesome thing,