Given that Kim Kardashian recently ended her nine-month relationship with Pete Davidson,

this year's contestants Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey have invited her to take the lead role on The Bachelorette.

Rachel and Gabby discussed how choosing Kardashian as the lead for the upcoming season would be a wise choice while chatting to EDaily !'s Pop.

Rachel and Gabby weren't the only ones to appear to think that having Kim Kardashian on the programme would be a fantastic idea;

 host Jesse Palmer also remarked that Pete Davidson for The Bachelor would work. 

Never say never, he further emphasised in his interview with Daily Pop.

Even though Kardashian didn't appear on the first season of The Bachelorette, the creator of SKIMS got a taste of the humorous dating programme when she performed a skit about it on Saturday Night Live last year. 

Chris Rock, John Cena, Jesse Williams, Chace Crawford, 

and Tyler Cameron from The Bachelorette all tried their hardest to impress Kim in the star-studded farce.

The producer of the dating programme The Dream Guy, Amy Schumer, also made a cameo appearance in the same act.