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Bikes are intrinsically more risky to ride contrasted with other encased vehicles like vehicles, vans, transports, or trucks.

 The smallest mistake while on a bike, regardless of whether because of the rider's issue, can prompt serious wounds that might possibly weaken the casualty until the end of their life.

Regardless of how agreeable one feels on a bike, no measure of carefulness and sharpness is sufficient to counterbalance the dangers of riding one.

California has a greater number of motorcyclists than some other state - there were in excess of 800,000 enrolled motorcyclists on California roads in 2017.

Thusly, the state is likewise the forerunner in bike crash related passings. As per measurements from the University of California Berkeley's Safe Transportation Research and Education Center, 59,745 bike riders were harmed in California somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2015.

 In a similar 4-year time span, there were 2,299 passings. When contrasted with different sorts of vehicles, the proportion of lethal mishaps to the all out number of mishaps is a lot higher for cruiser riders.