The Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unpacked occasion declaration just presented

 the following variant of what ended up being an unexpected success equation for Samsung with regards to the sprouting field of foldable telephones.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 sold like gangbusters as it was showcased as to a greater degree a style embellishment,

complete with a Bespoke variant, than a quirky cutting edge contraption like its bendy kin in the Z Fold line. Obviously,

 it was additionally the least expensive foldable telephone at acquaintance which contributed with its prevalence, so does the Z Flip 4 take action accordingly?

– $999.99 (128GB), $1099.99 (256GB), $1179.99 (512GB) – August 26 release – Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue color – Bespoke Edition: Front/Back(Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki, Red), Frame(Silver/Black/Gold) combination

The Z Flip 4 will be released on August 26, but the preorders have already started,

and you can grab one in the official colors starting from just $999 for the 128GB version,

the price of its predecessor. This time around, there are both 256GB and 512GB models as well, each of which costs more than the last tier,

for a grand total of $1179.99 maximum, an amazing price for a foldable handset with half a gig of storage.