While I didn't get a code for Saints Row until today, others who did have early access have just started publishing their evaluations at embargo.

Saints Row is the revival of the well-known open world game.

The outcome? One of the recent significant releases with the poorest reviews is Saints Row.

Saints Row currently has a 63 on Metacritic and a 66 on Open Critic, but when more reviews are published, those ratings will probably converge.

 This is...extremely low in the world of video games, especially for a fairly significant release from a franchise with a respectable track record and audience. 

 The "devs get a bonus" threshold on Metacritic is typically an 85 (or at least it used to be), and while content in the 70s may still be thought of as pretty decent, when you're dipping to the low 60s and high 50s, you have released something with serious issues, whether they be technical or conceptual.

Saints Row also seems to have trouble with both.

In his review, YouTube user Skillup did not hold back when he said, "The Saints Row remake is a mess. 

Outdated in every area from its open world architecture to its fundamental gameplay, filled with game-breaking bugs, without any form of logical plot, and starring an annoying cast of characters."

The best thing we can say about it is that we laughed when we made our Tobias Fünke-inspired character crouch down and make the wanker gesture as he strolled down the street. However, the open world game is below mediocre and rife with glitches. Most likely not quite worth the admission fee.

Reviews for "Saints Row" Have Arrived, And They're Not Good