Leon Edwards held on for his opportunity at a title shot.

Delays, rival changes and a pandemic all finished his undertaking at gold.

At the point when he finally acknowledged his shot, "Unpleasant" exploited it.

Edwards took out Kamaru Usman to bring back the UFC welterweight title at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

He dealt with a flawlessly arranged kick to Usman's face after he was seen as down and out in the fight.

"I let you in on I could get it going. Lok at me now,

" Edwards said after the fight. "Pound for pound what?"

Edwards was prepared to demonstrate he was an unexpected warrior in comparison to he was the point at which he lost to Usman in 2015.

He did that right off the bat in the principal round when he turned into the first contender to bring Usman down in quite a while vocation.

It was a stunning second before a stuffed group at Vivint Arena.