Still, it's not a player, director or any platoon functionary, If there is one name synonymous with the Dodgers. It's Vin Scully.

For further than a half- century, there was not a Dodgers game that did not begin this way for suckers at home or the colosseum" It's Time For Dodger Baseball!"

Vin Scully began publicizing games on the radio and also on TV when the Dodgers still played in Brooklyn.

Vin Scully's death was blazoned by the Dodgers in a tweet. He was 94.

It was not just life that made Scully great

It was not his baseball knowledge — which was fabulous.

It was his distinctivevoice.poetic and philosophical excursions, and his gift for making a particular connection with listeners.

It was there from the launch. One memorable time in 1957, catcher Joe Pignatano was coming up for his first at- club as a Brooklyn Dodger.

During the broadcast, Scully wanted to make sure the player's family wouldn't miss out." Say, I tell you what.

You might know thePignatanos.However, perhaps his woman 's taking care of the baby( and) and not harkening to the game, If you do. Give her a call. Looks like Joe's gon na break into the Major Leagues tonight."