Netflix's hit romantic series is back with a bang

The hit series on Netflix, Virgin River, has returned with its fourth season.

The romantic series has a mix of old actors and new faces.

Season four revolves around the main characters Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge.

The show has gained momentum since the end of season 3.

The Season 3 finale of Virgin Rivers features two new characters who have expanded screen time in the latest season.

Veteran actor McCrea, who couldn't shoot Season 3 due to the Covid situation, has been roped in to play Virgin River Mayor Hope in Season 4.

Veteran actor Tim Matheson plays Doctor Mullins, a doctor in the town of Virgin River. In the series, Doc is McCree's ex-husband. Her current fiancé, Mullins, is Mel's boss.

Actor Colin Lawrence is playing the character of Preacher.