Top Gun: Maverick, which scorched the movie office with its explosive launch, is now available for viewing on home television (and computer) screens. 

The film, which also stars Hollywood superstar Cruise, is a direct sequel to the 1986 cult classic Top Gun.

The video-on-demand services Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and others will sell Top Gun: Maverick.

The movie's $1 billion+ global box office success is proof of how intriguing it was.

For those who missed the theatre release, there is now an available remedy.

Beginning on August 23, 2022, the movie will be $20 on platforms like Amazon Prime Video. Although no specific date has been set, the movie is also expected to debut on Paramount+. 

Viewers would be curious to find out more about a movie before buying it. 

Compared to its 1986 predecessor, Top Gun: Maverick, which at best earned mixed reviews, it is a tremendous improvement.  

Much more is included in the brand-new Tom Cruise action film.  

It is a jewel of an action thriller because it masterfully combines engaging storytelling with exquisitely shot and directed action sequences.